Apple’s reveal to hear their new wireless AirPods Pro

Revealed the Apple TV for the new generation of headset its wireless which is called AirPods Pro come different design with the property of removal of noise.

The preparation of the fish, as is the case with the first version as soon as you open the box next to iPhone or iPad to communicate with the device, and link the sky with all Apple devices, including mac and smart TV.

Use Apple’s in this sky-Mike two microphones with a special technique to do remove background noise and place your ocean in order to provide crisp clear audio. The company says that the feature of noise cancellation you fit and adjustment 200 times per second to isolate what surrounds you and make you the focus in The allows.

The transparency mode Transparency mode allows the user to listen to music and being around the same time, this characteristic is important and helpful when you walk in the street until you hear the sounds of cars and pedestrians.

And Apple calculate the new pressure in the sky can switch between healing mode and noise cancellation, in addition to music and answer calls, and you can also control settings by controlling the level of sound in the iPhone or iPad.

The company says that the battery of the phone enough to listen to even 5 hours, and in the case of the activation mode to cancel noise, it’s enough to even 4.5 hours of listening and even 3.5 hours to talk and calls.

Using the cargo cover protection they can work up to 24 hours of listening and more than 18 hours of talk. Supports cover wireless charging according to Qi standard or via a link by the port of Lightning.

Finally the sky will look like priced at $ 249 and available in stores by the end of the week and begin shipping them to those who request them now on the 30th of October.

Will be available the sky of the old with a lid and wired charging at the price of $ 159, or fish with cover and wireless charging at a price of $ 199, and can get cover for wireless charging only at the price of 79 dollars?

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