Apple’s new video service will benefit from free content

Despite the intransigence of Apple in the issue of the appearance in the Apple Music free rate, in Cupertino have decided to offer users the ability to grant access to a part of content posted on videoplace. It is reported Bloomberg citing sources close to the company’s plans. If the published information turns out to be true, proprietary service Apple runs the risk of becoming more attractive to users than the platform Amazon and Netflix.

To believe that Apple may offer free access to movies and TV shows on its platform, it is quite difficult. By doing so, Cupertino voluntarily delay the return on investment aimed at the development of the service. However, it is not entirely clear which content will be shown free of charge. Perhaps Apple will make the free screening, only the first series of each show posted on its site, while for access to the extension will have to pay. It is for this scheme to work domestic platform “Amediateka”.

Apple Video

At the same time, a scenario in which Apple would provide its users with the opportunity to watch movies and TV shows from top studios in exchange for viewing ads looks absolutely incredible. The company has repeatedly claimed not to accept this model of content distribution, as advertising monetization inevitably forces the owner of the platform to help promote the advertised goods jeans, means, betray the trust of their users.

Where to watch the eighth season of “Game of thrones”

This week it became known that Apple was able to negotiate with multiple studios and cable networks like HBO, Showtime and AMC, which had previously turned her down, about licensing their content. This means that such cult series as “Game of thrones”, “Walking dead”, “Fear the walking dead” may appear in the range of Apple Video. And since the release of the service scheduled for March 25, fans of “Game of thrones” will be able to watch the final season of telefrancais on the “native” platform.

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