Apple’s escalating feud with Facebook

It seems that Apple increased the ignition of the war against facebook, and have created new features in the iOS update 12 host facebook and Instagram, those nurses are the limits of application, the time of the screen so how was it?

Throughout the two hours is the duration of the presentation of the Conference of developers WWDC, display the Apple map operating systems and software next year. The focus was on performance improvements in general, and the development of services designed to help people combat the use of compulsive and on top of tracking advertising.

The war against Facebook is bigger than it looks.

Introduced Apple TV feature screen time, which aims to help users to reduce their use of the hardware, testing it on Instagram of facebook, the valuation technique Safari new anti-tracking directly against the use of Facebook buttons admiring the box comments to track users.

But the details for ITP2, the updated version of the technical anti-tracking, used Apple specifically against its biggest rivals Google and Facebook. The technique of ITP through the cookies or cookies which are pieces of information that are stored by browsers, so that nobody can read it only through the browser-specific, which ensures the inability of the provider of ads to track The user.

In the past, was to separate the cookies after 24 hours of making the user visit a particular site. It was useful for sites like Facebook, Google, and YouTube, the most visited by users. Now, they have eliminated the Apple TV the grace period that he gave the tracking immediately. When was the launch technique ITP1 anti-tracking last year, the company has experienced Ad-tech Criteo immediate decrease in revenue amounted to 22%. Let alone What will happen with Facebook?

What do you use to prevent tracking promo? And found Apple the opportunity to show the role of the defender of the user, said under violation of Facebook rights users? Tell us in the comments.

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