Apple’s development of the helmet virtual reality and one of the booster screen. 8K



Informed sources revealed that Apple intends to enter the sector of virtual reality and augmented reality manufactures helmet head supports two techniques is expected to launch in 2020.

As it is clear that the project is still in the beginning so there’s not a lot of detail about it only to screen two smaller see through them will be strictly 8K each and are ultra still not widely used today, especially with small screens where they show differences clear vision with increased precision.

It is expected to have the helmet camera to the ocean will call high-speed wireless technology WiGig at 60 GHz with a fund or an external device works with a processor of the development of the Apple TV at a resolution of 5 Nm.

It also notes that the information is talking here about the details are not available today but is expected to be available starting with the manufacture of the device physically. So that the Processor A11 that is running iPhone x was manufactured accurately to 10 nanometers, thus reaching the level of 5 Nm is considered to miss a big trade.

The most important point in this device is that it will get rid of wires through the use of wireless transfer of information from the device to the helmet and vice versa, and this is the biggest obstacle facing the helmets of virtual reality today’s independent which operates without a smart phone inside.

It is expected to reach sales of helmets, goggles virtual reality enhanced this year to 22 million sets, will double this number five times by 2022 to 120 million units, bringing the market size to $ 10 million.

Of course everything is subject to modification or Cancellation as the project is still in its infancy where you are likely to show the technical obstacles prevent the development of the form in which hope for Apple, this things ordinary got with the earlier reports talked about the development of TV, full and even self-driving electric car, and all of this didn’t happen after.


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