Apple’s development of the “gestures of the air” to explain the revolution of the world of phones

We’ve heard a lot that Apple is working hard on the techniques of augmented reality, as it plans to launch a system of enhanced reality believe it will change user interfaces with mobile devices, it seems we might see the fruits of the effort Apple TV next year.

Many are Korean, which confirm the adoption of the Apple TV a new way to trade within the iPhones 2019, the method is considered on the gestures of the air, cameras sensor three-dimensional, where the user moves his hand in front of the rear or front camera to communicate with what is presented on the screen, it was said that the techniques in the stage developed so that the Chinese manufacturers are racing to offer what pleases submit it pains 2019.

It may be the sudden appearance of a camera flight time ability to recognize objects three dimensions with a phone R17 Pro guide on it also, as said the oppo when the official announcement that the camera may use gestures development and applications of augmented reality is in accordance with the listed topic.

It is reported that a lot of companies worked on the development of the gestures of the air, including Microsoft, which already reviewed the video using one of the Samsung phones to develop on the functions of gestures, the air, albeit using an ordinary camera.

No stranger to Chinese companies imitating Apple, is considered to 2018 phones filled with my daughter’s purchase for iPhone X best proof of that, we have also seen the oppo find X and Shawty Mi 8 Explorer camera to identify a three-dimensional on the face that are considered a tradition Camera the true depth of the Apple TV.

And talking about camera related things in its three dimensions phones iPhone future to 2016, it was pointed out that it iPhones 2019 with recent reports about its support to camera three.

According to industry sources, Apple has succeeded to develop recognition of gestures, movement of fingers hand multiple by increasing the sensitivity of capacitive touch from 30 mm to 50 mm and get rid of the problem of “ghost touch” somehow. Cameras support the recognition of three-dimensional objects, and can interact with content on the screen without touching it, this includes thinking about the applications of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Apple license a lot of patents over the last two years that explain the use of sensing three-dimensional one does not need to touch the actual deal with content, including games, where I mentioned “the user may interact with the game gestures varied performs by his own hand, using a sensor of depth to the definition of these gestures”.

Still talking about iPhones 2019 early, but we look forward to see what you seek the Apple TV and my Android devices, maybe something like what he knew the video trailer of PrimeSense acquired by Apple to the end of 2013, which its employees work have the Apple on the development of gestures, the air, which can be called”interface depth” including that the company has a “3D Touch” already.

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