Apple’s development of Face ID new perception of what is under your skin !

Despite the fact that technology Face ID on the iPhone is still the most facial recognition systems are reliable, however, they encountered some problems in the interaction between the Twins, which appeared in a series of video clips when it detects the iPhone X for the first time, and even now these problems are not resolved, but according to informed sources, will include the upcoming iPhones new version of Face ID will become more speed and reliability, where the Apple on the development of new technologies to improve differentiation between twins and siblings alike.

Has appeared technique in a new patent published this week, explaining the Apple TV by enabling Face ID of the through them to take advantage of “under the skin” in order to identify users more accurately, which as the name implies, will export under the skin able to select the features at the bottom of the skin such as blood vessels and veins, can be found on the patent entire Of Here.

Where the legislation of a patent that the problem of the resemblance between relatives in the contours of the face are solved by the interaction between the patterns of veins under the skin which are usually unique for different movies, and also differ in identical twins.

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