Apple working on new models of iPad sizes to 10.2 inches and 10.5 inches, according to the rumor new

ipad pro 2018

According to rumors, that Apple is planning a select lineup iPad. Going back to what we have heard in the past, it is likely to see Apple reveal the iPad Mini 5 and Khalifa iPad 9.7, which was launched in the year 2018. However, the frequency now that your new iPad will come with a new design.

This according to me called CoinX, which claims that Apple is already working on two new iPad, one the size of 10.2 inches and the other 10.5 inches. Moreover, claims that the leaker also it will be the launch of these two devices separately instead of rockets were fired, with at the same time. If this is true, it will be put lineup iPad in a strange place.

As you all know most likely, Apple have two models of iPad Pro. As to iPad low cost keep the screen size in the range of 9.7-inch, so it is not clear where will be these new models. Will Apple replace iPad 9.7 in iPad 10.2 in? If so, what will the iPad 10.5’s? You will still be part of the lineup iPad the low-cost except that it will get a slightly larger screen for those who need for a bigger screen on their tablet?

As explained by the website Apple Insider, it was Leaks CoinX very accurate in the past, such as the prediction of solid waste iPad Pro 2018 and also phones iPhone 2018, so there is the probability of being detected these new models of iPad later this year, but until we get official information, please cope with everything that has been said so far with the least amount of protection.

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