Apple will update the processors in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Yesterday we told you that Apple may have to present to the public a brand new MacBook Pro to 16 inches this year. This model can be considered in some sense “experimental”, as the company is clearly not going to abandon the current line of laptops in 13 – and 15-inch. Moreover, the company is preparing another update, this time for the basic version MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

It is recognized that the updating of internal components is long overdue: the fact that the MacBook Pro with minimal configuration was last updated in 2017. We are talking about the model with an Intel Core i5-7360U. This chip is definitely not up to date (given the cost of the laptop).

Despite the fact that Apple has long equips version with Touch Bar Intel the eighth and ninth generations, all the while the basic version has not received any changes. It is not excluded that Apple consciously made this step to keep the cost of the device at the same level. Given that it is the most affordable MacBook Pro, there is little doubt that it was the most popular model in the lineup.

Also the company plans to update the base version of the MacBook Air. This model operates on a relatively new Intel chip family of Amber Lake.

The new MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air in September

According to analyst IHS, Markit Jeff Lin, Apple will reveal updated MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in September of this year. It is expected that the Corporation will equip the laptops with the most modern Intel processors, the ninth generation. The transition of the ARM until it is.

Most likely, Apple won’t show the laptops at the September presentation. With almost 100% confidence we can assert that the company will simply update the appropriate section on the official website, as it was with the release of new iPad, 2 AirPods, and iPod Touch 7.

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