Apple will take the health of their employees

Apple, following in the footsteps of JP Morgan and Amazon, decided a more responsible approach to the issue of the health of its employees opened specially for them two “sensitive” clinic under the auspices of the global network AC Wellness. On it informs the American TV channel CNBC, citing the official website of the medical institution.

Network AC Wellness has positioned itself as one of the recognized leaders in the field of health care, offering its clients medical services only of the highest level. Given the attention Apple is paying to the details, we can assume that the claims of AC Wellness is completely untrue.

Both clinics will be located in the state of California, in close proximity to places of work for future patients. One of them did, and it was decided to integrate directly into Apple Park to eliminate the need to reach her during off hours. Besides Apple employees, services medical facilities will be able to enjoy their families.

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