Apple will replace your iPad Pro curve but not for free

Recently, we learned about the problem of bending the new tablet from Apple iPad Pro, which has a size of 11 inch, reported dozens of users said they experienced this problem, at which time she confessed to police, she said it is normal as a result of cooling during manufacturing and will not affect the performance of the device.

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It seems that Apple suggest in the statement is not declared officially, that they will not replace the device for free after 14 days of purchase, while said one of the owners of the device that the company has agreed to replace him for a fee money of $ 49.

It is important to mention that the user has AppleCare +, so it is doubtful that he could get a replacement without this service.

It is worth noting that the deflection device probably won’t make you able to change the battery in the future, as noted by one of the users of the iPhone curved to the maintenance department in the company refused to replace the battery because of the bend.

There are many reports that have appeared in the last few days regarding the replacement of the company one affected, but it seems it is not official data, this actual experience of the user to pay for the replacement, is expected to clarify this more in the coming days.

Sources: MacWorld – Reddit

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