Apple will release a dual-SIM smartphone and will begin to use OLED panel LG

In this news I decided to combine the two for Apple. The first is about displays and the second is about the SIM card.

So, about the displays. Now all screens for iPhone X are supplied exclusively by Samsung. This is the first model in the Network there were a lot of rumors that the panel will deliver Sharp, LG and Japan Display, but apparently no one was able to provide the necessary volumes.

However, Apple does not like to put all your eggs in one basket and tries to have multiple suppliers of the same product. If you believe the new figures for the upcoming iPhone smartphone OLED screens will also supply and LG. However, the first batch will be miniscule in the scale of Apple: 2-4 million units.

I think LG is simply not yet able to produce OLED displays in large quantities. However, in the future, LG will be able to take some share of supply. Theoretically, this could allow Apple to negotiate with Samsung to lower prices on its screens, but, given the pricing policy of Apple, we can’t be with you this will result in lower cost smartphones.

Now, about the SIM card. Rumors that Apple will release a smartphone with two SIM cards were for a long time, but so far no such models. The source claims that they will appear later this year, but supposedly only in China. That is, some (or all) of autumn novelties Apple in China will be available in dual-SIM versions.

What does it mean? For you actually nothing. However, by itself this act of Apple is very symbolic. First, the company will release the first dual-SIM smartphones. Previously, its position on this issue was very categorically. Second, Apple for the first time will offer different versions of their iPhones for different markets.

All this is the result of the processes that occur in the market as a whole, and with the Apple. The smartphone sales growth is slowing down, new items are sold not as good as I expect of the company. And even Apple in this background we have to turn from a manufacturer outside the market just once the company.

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