Apple will now reward the winners in the competition ” Shot On iPhone “

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Apple recently announced that it will host the contest ” Shot On iPhone ” where will be shown photos of the winners in advertisements and billboards. The Apple had mentioned initially that it will not compensate those winners financially, but will give them balance.

It is safe to say that many did not accept this payment method, but the good news is that Apple decided to change it where it has updated its web site where now suggest that the winning photos will get a license fee for use in ad so that the said Apple by saying : ” Believe in Apple strongly that it should compensate artists for their work. Will the paparazzi who took pictures last ten winning a license fee to use these images on billboards and in other marketing channels on Apple TV “.

Began a campaign ” Shot On iPhone ” since the period may be seen in the billboards in your city or somewhere else around the world. However, has been to change the way things are going this year, it has been in previous contact with the designers in particular to use their business, while the company has now decided to host a contest to pick the winners.

This is not the first time that Apple has gotten a bad rap because of its refusal to pay on what it looks like to the artists for their work. It was the free trial period of three months in the Apple Music service means at first that Apple won’t pay the artists their fees during that period, but this is rejected by some artists such as famous singer Taylor Swift, prompting Apple to eventually change her mind she stated that she will support artists and songwriters during the trial period as well.


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