Apple will not change the prices of iPhones 2019

There are a lot of rumors about the iPhone which is expected to be announced by next September, where it is said that the company will be about 3 new phones, while the latest reports indicated that the new phones won’t see an increase in prices, will remain intact to a large extent.

Will be new phones with the same price of phones last year, starting from$ 749 per copy of XR, up to the 1099$ version Max.

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A report also showed that Apple will adopt USB Type-C instead of a separate Lightning, while the new version of the iPhone XS Max will pay the rear camera three.

In the time away A in which manufacturers of Android phones on the design notes standard large, it is expected that the upcoming iPhones will not carry change very radically regarding the design front, and will continue to note Big actually, at least for this year.

Source: DroidShout

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