Apple will not allow the mining of digital currencies on iPhones, iPads and iPad

ios 12 - iPhone X

Application developers who are looking to take advantage of the growing popularity of the digital currency received news of an important day of the Apple. In fact, I have the Apple TV recently updated the guidelines for the App Store of its own to put the law to the following : will not allow the mining of digital currencies on the iPhone and iPad. It should be noted that the issuance of this new guidance by the company during its annual conference for developers for apps that are distributed through the iTunes store, the App Store, which is the only way that developers can provide their apps for users of iOS devices since the operating system of Apple is not allowed to download apps from external sources.

Clarify the new guidelines, and exactly in the section Hardware Compatibility ” Hardware Compatibility ” that all applications, including ” third-party advertising that is displayed within it, you may not running processes, background non-linked functions of the app, such as the mining of digital currencies “.

At the same time indicate Apple to it while the app makes it easy to Store Digital currencies, however, must be provided by developers who are registered as a company. Apps can’t be working on Mining the digital currency directly within the iOS devices, but it must be done in the cloud or somewhere else outside the device.

Will not allow Apple to use the resources of the organs of portable to digital currencies. Has also approved that all related applications does not provide the number of users to complete certain tasks such as downloading other applications, and to encourage other users to download the app, and on social networks.



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