Apple will lose customers if the updates will lead to slow down iPhone their own

iPhone XS Max

Two years ago, landed Apple in trouble when it turns out it’s related to slow down the speed of the iPhone through updates. According to Apple, it has justified it by saying that because of the deterioration of the battery, will my iPhone of the rental junk without slowing down the processor speed.

However, customers don’t feel thrilled about it because it is not notified and did not give them freedom of choice. The good news is that, according to a new report recently released by CNBC, it seems that Apple has agreed on the interpretation of the future updates will inform the customer if the update is the ability to slow down the iPhone. The conclusion of this agreement with the competition authority markets in the UK which had previously achieved with the company because of its deliberate and slow down the iPhone.

This means the new notice that customers can choose not to update phones iPhone their own although it is always good to update your phone, or at least inform them that, when they install the update and suffer from the slow device, they will know that it happened because of the update. And earlier that, because of improvements added by Apple for iPhone new, it may be any bottleneck or slowdown less pronounced than before.

The Apple has since provided ways for iPhone users to check the battery health and also give users the option to disable the slow speed of the processor if they wish to do so.


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