Apple will launch the iPhone includes a feature Face ID Touch ID below the screen in 2021

Issued the the the reliable Ming-Chi Kuo recent report alleged that Apple will feature fingerprint Touch ID to the iPhone as of 2021. The analyst said he believes Apple will be the iPhone with all of the Face ID and fingerprint Finger Touch ID below the screen.

Says Kuo, it’s during the next 18 months, will solve a lot of technical problems that will enable Apple to provide experience of high level in its organs.

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See Ming-Chi Kuo that the techniques of face recognition and fingerprint recognition will be integrated, it will make the Apple on the standardization of experiments. Offer Apple patent the fingerprint recognition on the bottom of the screen, which indicates that Apple is still seeking to re-Touch the ID to the attributes of the new in the future (without the button).

However, the challenges of current technology to launch components of a fingerprint under the screen include power consumption, the size of the sensor area, the thickness of the sensor module.

Says Kuo, he believes that these problems will be addressed in the next year or so, which opens the door for Apple to design the iPhone 2021.

Refers Kuo’s likely to be used to Apple a different kind of system Qualcomm ultrasonic of the company under the prints, which the user can put his finger on a large area of the screen to be scanned.

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