Apple will launch a red version of the iPhone XS and XS Max soon!

The colors may be way good to attract the user which is what you’re trying to Apple TV to do and focus on during the coming period, where according to reports, Apple will launch a new version of red the color of the iPhone XS and XS Max soon.

النسخة الحمراء من هواتف آيفون XS و XS Max (تصميم متوقع)

Red version of the iPhone XS and XS Max (design available)

According to a report published by the website Weibo, the Chinese, the red version may be launched by the end of the month of February in the Chinese market, and in the later year in several other markets around the world.

Versions of Red Apple products including the iPhone carrying the name of the PRODUCT(RED) which is allocated to the Apple part of their profits for the benefit of the charitable institutions such as the institution of a Global Fund for humanitarian work, such as combating AIDS in Africa.

النسخة الحمراء من هواتف آيفون XS و XS Max (تصميم متوقع)

Red version of the iPhone XS and XS Max (design available)

Versions red PRODUCT(RED) iPhone come after 6 months on the initial launch for the new iPhone, where he began to launch in March 2017 with the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, and then you followed it in April 2018 for the red iPhone 8 / 8 Plus. Sell Apple TV also has the red version of the phone iPhone XR since the beginning of its availability in the markets, while I didn’t get an iPhone X on the color red at all.

Other than the red color new, there won’t be any significant differences at the level of the specifications or the price compared to the other versions regular iPhone XS and XS Max.

It is noteworthy that other reports indicate the coming of another color again to the new version of the headset Apple awaited Apple AirPods 2 it is Color Black, is scheduled to be advertised end of March 2019.

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