Apple will launch 3 Macs this year’s new processors dedicated

Reports revealed to the news agency Bloomberg that Apple will reveal at least three devices Mac new in 2018, including a desktop and two laptops, it is estimated that the company will increase the eyebrows of the new processors dedicated to similar to iOS devices. And Apple manufactures processors dedicated for iPhone, iPads and iPad hours Apple watch, so it may not be a big surprise to see the computers comprising processors of the manufacturing company itself. It is reported that the issuance of the 2016 laptop MacBook Pro with the tape touch a chip manufacturing company dedicated to the operation of the tape touch imprint of the finger, is also equipped with a computer its new Pro-SIM, an independent T2 for the processing of camera images and encryption of stored data and training when you started running and in-line them to improve performance and avoid slowing down the CPU. Will be reflected the adoption of Apple for sure on the hardware performance and we will watch greater integration between hardware and software and a significant improvement in the performance of the computers of the company compared to competitors on the lines of iOS devices, will also step loss for the manufacture of processors for computers and the top Intel.

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