Apple will integrate Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in the application one unified

Find My iPhone

Will iOS 13 coming from Apple later this year to repair and improve many of the aspects that have been overlooked in previous versions of the operating system of Apple. For example, the frequency that the iOS system 13 will bring Night Mode to the operating system interface fully and nod new work and additional features to enhance productivity on the tablet of iPad like multi window. Having said that, it has emerged today’s News reported that Apple is also working on integrating applications Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in one application carries the code name ” Green Torch “.

Thanks to the framework material, Marzipan, will bring this app the new to iOS and MacOS alike. Skip the Apple and also to add the tracking feature in the put away across the feature ” Find Network ” which will be useful when your lost device is connected to WiFi or cellular network. Other new feature is the notification when a friend or a family member to a specific location or leave it.

In addition, Apple is working also on a new tracking style accessories tracking other blockbuster in the market today which is not connected to any component or device you want to track him down. Will be connecting this device to your account on the iCloud you will be notified when it comes out the range that you selected. Moreover, it can store the contact specific, which can be read by Apple devices. Will also share the file location with friends and family.


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