Apple will expand the joint capabilities of the Mac and the Apple Watch in macOS 10.15

The ability to unlock your Mac by simply holding him to the Apple Watch, there was three years ago and has since gained wide popularity among users. Watch allow not only to remove from the computer the lock without having to enter a password, and to confirm online transactions made through Apple Pay. It would seem, what else is needed for full happiness? But in Cupertino believe that the current Mac bundles-the Apple Watch is clearly not enough, and plan to expand them with the release of macOS 10.15.

According to the developer Guilherme Rambo, whose sources in recent daily delight us with the details about a new OS Apple macOS 10.15 there will be new scripts sharing the Mac and the Apple Watch. Developers plan to increase the number of tasks, which can be useful smart watch. In particular, writes Rambo, Apple intends to allow users to use Apple Watch “for verification other operations”, except to remove the computer lock.

How to use the Apple Watch with a Mac

Despite the lack of detail about what direction Apple plans to expand the functionality of the Apple Watch in working together with Mac, we can assume that the watch will be able to take on the responsibilities of Touch ID. Thus the owners of computers with the fingerprint module will not have the benefits to users of the models without it. Most likely, with Apple Watch, you will not only pass the verification in apps, on websites, and use the watch as a token two-factor authentication.

When will the macOS and iOS 10.15 13

macOS 10.15 will present at WWDC 2019, which starts June 3 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and will release to sail until September. On the same day, presumably, will be submitted to iOS 13. However, we should not exclude that the latest release may be delayed until winter. In any case, it suggests the code name. As told by developer Steven Troughton-Smith, iOS Apple calls the 13 “2019WinterSeed”. All anything, but the name iOS 12.3, whose output is planned for may, called “2019SpringSeed”.

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