Apple will equip the new iPhone technology Always-On Display

Apple is one of the most controversial technology companies of our time. On the one hand, it is quite slow in the development of their products, preferring not to hurry with the introduction of new technologies, and, on the other, manages to remain the most innovative company in the world, doing things I did not do nothing. Because of this, Apple is constantly faced with criticism of chicanery on the part of users, who compare her technique with the products of competitors accuse the company that it is unable even to copy their ideas. But Apple knows what they’re doing better than we and developing new technologies when the time comes.

Always-On Display will be one of the innovations of the iPhone 2020. But what it will be

One of the functions, due to the lack of users so unanimously criticized Apple is Always-On Display. It allows you to supply voltage to the individual LEDs AMOLED-matrices, and thus any information which may be needed quickly. And since the information is displayed on the black background, it almost does not consume battery life. It turns out that the smartphone as if asleep, but always supports the display of certain data. For example, the current time, date, and icons for missed notifications and calls.

Always-On Display for your iPhone

Despite the fact that Apple uses AMOLED-matrix in their smartphones for the third year in Cupertino is still not implemented technology-enabled Always-On Display. However, according to the Korean resource The Elec, next year this deficiency will be corrected. To do this, Apple plans to use in future models of the iPhone display panels of the type LTPO. Similar matrices company completes Apple Watch Series 5, which is the only one in the lineup Apple is not just a display of point information, and do not quench it, thus reducing the frequency of updates in moments of inactivity.

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Because their own production facilities, Apple is not, and the Samsung showed itself from the best side, the issue LTPO-matrices for the iPhone of 2020 will also engage in a Korean company. However, it is not very clear whether, according to equip its smartphones with support for Always-On, to display on their screen only the time, date and weather data, or to teach them how to keep the display on. It is much harder and much rastochitel from the point of view of power consumption, but Apple can expect anything.

Why you need Always-On Display

But if applied to a clock always on display still makes sense, then why would you want a smartphone – it is not very clear. Moreover, as we have seen in the Apple Watch Series 5, this effect is greatly consumes the battery, causing the watch of the new generation living is much less than last year’s model. And iPhone because of the multiples of the larger display will probably be to consume significantly more energy, dropping off the battery to zero in a matter of hours.

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It seems clear to me why Apple is so long delayed implementation of Always-On Display. The fact that the AMOLED screens, even modern – suffer from the memory effect, which is also called burn-in pixels. In the case of the display “remembers” static objects in the images, if them long not to change, and then demonstrates their halos over the main picture. This occurs most often on display samples at electronics stores, which are included without a case.

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