Apple will compile a Mac Pro 2019 new in China instead of the United States

Mac Pro 2019

Apple to manufacture Mac Pro in the factory in the city of Austin America, since 2013. However, it seems that the company will transfer production to China for the new version of the Mac Pro which was announced by the company recently. This will not surprise anyone due to it being the production of most of Apple devices in China.

Reported the newspaper The Wall Street Journal American that Apple will manufacture the Mac Pro 2019 new in China and not in the United States of America. This is going to raise the resolution of some queries, because the probability of charging by 25% on imports from China still looms in the landscape. This is the possibility that some partners, manufacturers for Apple to reaffirm that they have the ability to produce iPhones outside of China.

Facing Apple is also a risk in getting approval from President Donald Trump because of this step, the latter criticized the police previously due to the lack of manufactured products in the United States. Doesn’t help that in the installed position of Apple the commitment to manufacture the previous version of the Mac Pro in the United States of America.

The police informed the author that the Mac Pro 2019 new will keep selling the components that will be manufactured in the United States of America. Said a spokesperson for Apple : ” final assembly is only one part of the manufacturing process “.

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