Apple will bring 59 new emoji to the iOS version 13.2

The iOS version 13.2 the boat will be on a group of 59 new emoji the Apple preview earlier in the summer, but not included in the operating system iOS 13.0 or even iOS 13.1.

رموز تعبيرية iOS 13.2

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It was discovered a range of new emoji, based on the updated Unicode 12 symbols, expressive, in a second beta version of iOS version 13.2, which was released for testing to developers earlier this week. Some of the characters new emoji include animals such as the forest and sloths, skunks and others.

رموز تعبيرية iOS 13.2

As to the faces and gestures the New caught on the face of the yawning, and someone sitting on his knees and more, in addition to the foods, which varied between garlic, onions, waffles and falafels, butter, oysters, and more. Besides that, there’s emoji, special needs such as hearing ear, and the deaf, and the arm/leg mechanism, and someone in a walker, another in a wheelchair, the dog guide, and others.

رموز تعبيرية iOS 13.2

Regardless of the symbols of 59 new, the latest update for Unicode 12 raises a number of amendments to the 230 when it is account of the differences between the gender and skin color.

It is noteworthy that he did not bring any new emoji in iOS update 13.1, but instead modify a total of 24 emoji different to improve the appearance of a more realistic and stable.

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