Apple will be on iOS system 13 on the second day of June next

WWDC 2019

We knew already that Apple will give its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019 between 3 June and 7 June of this year, but today the company decided to finally send invitations to the media to attend this event. The conference will start on the second day of the month of June, exactly at 10 a.m. San Jose Convention Center McHenry.

This is the day that will move by Apple for the first time on the iOS system 13, and show us new features that will come out, and the time frame in which to launch the beta version of this system developers and testers in the hope that its launch in the autumn. It is rumored that the iOS system 13 the new will bring with him the night mode at the operating system level completely, as well as many other new features.

We also expect to tell Apple in this event detects the new versions of other operating systems, including MacOS and WatchOS and TvOS. All these systems will talk about in the theater, so, as usual, will flow a lot of news from the event.

In the last year, I didn’t know Apple about any new hardware at this event, we expect that the same will happen in this year’s edition, especially after the company a few days before the launch of the new models of MacBook Pro. However, there is still a small chance that Apple detects a new device at the event.


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