Apple will add RAM 256 GB in the iMac Pro vs 5,200$

آبل ستسمح بإضافة ذاكرة رام 256 جيجابايت في iMac Pro مقابل 5,200$

Different people use computers, especially when it comes to business stuff, some it takes the advantages of simple business office requires some other advantages of the top to do the task, and adopts those benefits mainly on the storage capacity and memory as well as card graphics processing.

Which is what set the Apple TV well, where the company disclosed the option to raise the memory capacity of RAM in devices iMac Pro up to 256 GB, adding great speed of the device as reported by the site 9to5Mac. But adding that memory will not be easily done, because the price would be 5,200$ additional price of the core device – what means that the user can buy another memory core for less than the amount, so that the price of the iMac Pro Regular is 4,999$.

Maybe think of some to add that the large capacity of RAM, but apparently it will be an option for the owners of big business just because of the price.

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