Apple Watch may get traceroute glucose levels in the near future

Apple Watch Series 4

There were rumors in the past that Apple is working on integrating the advantage of measuring blood glucose levels in the Smart Watch Apple Watch. This would be a fantastic feature for the diabetic who may be looking for a way to non-invasively track your glucose levels they have. It is reported that this feature still need some extra years before they become ready, but this future may come sooner than we think, with some external assistance.

During a recent interview on CNBC, the dying CEO of Dexcom to buy the to come with the Apple TV. And for those who have not heard about the company Dexcom before, they are a company specializing in the creation of tracking devices glucose, and it contains one of their products the next system G6 updated for diabetics, which will work its way directly to the Apple Watch.

During the interview, quoted the CEO of Dexcom, Mr. Kevin Sayer said : ” it’s coming. This tool will be great for people who suffer from diabetes “. It remains to be seen what type of integration that we can get, but until Apple actually included this feature in the Apple Watch itself, this might be a suitable substitute for diabetics.

Work tool Dexcom G6 already with the Apple Watch through a transmitter, but it seems that this interview suggests that future versions may provide integrated original with WatchOS, tools improved more to track the glucose levels of the user.


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