Apple Watch can measure the level of glucose in the blood?

Already for anybody not a secret that Apple pays special attention to the health sector and research in this area. According to a new patent application that was published by the Office of patents and trademarks U.S., Apple is developing a method reinvading monitoring of blood sugar levels, which will be implemented in Apple Watch. If the method proves effective, it could be a breakthrough for the entire medical industry.

The developed monitoring system will be useful to people suffering from diabetes. As you know, at this illness need to measure the level of blood glucose several times a day. For this purpose, a blood glucose meter and supplies for analysis. Unfortunately, current technology does not allow to know the sugar level without pricking. But that could soon change. The method described in the patent application, Apple indicates that monitoring blood sugar will be non-invasive, thereby freeing users from the usual procedures.

According to the above document, the analysis will be conducted using a special biometric sensor, using the technique of absorption spectroscopy. This technique allows to determine the concentration of the required substance using the properties of light.

The Network has repeatedly appeared rumors that Apple has long been leading research in this area. There was even information that the testing of the prototype Apple Watch come with a tool to monitor sugar levels, is personally the head of the company Tim cook. However, on the likely timing of release of such smart watches are not yet known.

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