Apple was targeting the idea of making the seat belts in her car, self-driving smarter

Tesla model-s-interior-with-next-generation-leather-seats

Usually the people who sit in front of the car are the people who control the infotainment system in the car. However, it seems that Apple was exploring the idea of allowing passengers in the back to control the system and also, at least according to the patent, talking about the problems of the belt system smart security.

According to the patent that was recently discovered, they are describing what you call Apple ” to restrict additional security “. Basically, you may witness the system’s use Apple for more sensors or components of the seat belt to make it smarter and more effective than just protect the passengers.

For example, a patent on how to embed the speakers in the seat belt which allow to connect the audio to the passenger concerned. It can also be suspected on the microphones allow the rider to communicate better with the driver, or make a phone call without the need to exchange the built-in microphone in the car.

It’s an interesting idea, but since they just patented, you’ll have to wait to see if they will move on the ground or not. In fact, there is a possibility that does not see the plans of Apple to create a car self-driving by the light of day again, lost the company confirmed layoffs of its workers who were working on this project and distribute the rest of the engineers to other departments in the company.


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