Apple wants to teach you how to edit your images through the phone


It can be a learning experience to use the software and technical harrowing, this is the reason that when you allow corporate users the opportunity to get some free lessons, it is not right to reject her offer. In fact, Apple do this now with the Photos application, though it’s odd that these lessons over the phone.

According to the page with the support of Apple, it appears that users will be able to schedule a session phone, a half an hour to learn how to use the application ” schedule a session phone educational for 30 minutes with an expert in the application Photos. You will learn how to make all your photos extraordinary using the tools of the amendment effective array of features to investigate “.

The company said : ” experts Apple Support Advisors are specially trained in the use of the Photos application to download images from good to amazing, and they show how to do this for you in the session educational for 30 minutes “. Will connect users with an ” expert ” who will be able to customize the meeting based on your skill level.

We believe that this meeting is educational and will meet what you want. For example, the company Apple TV to how to Users Guide coaches to teach them about some of the tools that care to use it, which can be useful if that is all you are looking for. Unfortunately, this will not stop the training course of a duration of half an hour only to residents of the United States of America, so please subscribe to Apple’s website, the official on the internet if you are interested.


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