Apple wants to teach Apple Watch to predict stroke

Apple intends to find out whether the Apple Watch be used as an effective means to predict future movements based on the data on atrial fibrillation. For this purpose the company has teamed up with a manufacturer of hygienic products, medical preparations and the equipment of Johnson & Johnson. The study, which will begin in 2019, will focus on patients aged over 65 years, as they constitute the main risk group.

“Every day we receive letters of thanks from the owners of the Apple Watch, which helped in the detection of atrial fibrillation, says chief operating officer of Apple Jeff Williams. — But we want to have a better understanding of the results of [studies of atrial fibrillation] for early detection and prevention [strokes]. We welcome the cooperation with Johnson & Johnson, which has a long history and extensive experience in the field of studying of cardiovascular diseases”.

The Apple Watch will prevent a stroke

The purpose of the joint research Apple and Johnson & Johnson is to timely detect atrial fibrillation, using the medical technologies available to companies to predict the likelihood of stroke and possibly prevent it. Thanks to the ECG sensor, which in addition to optical heart rate monitor is equipped with the fourth generation of Apple Watch will make it much easier and more efficient, explained Paul Burton, Vice President of Johnson & Johnson’s medical issues.

A study on the prediction and prevention of strokes is much more narrowly focused than the previous project at Apple called Heart Health Study. He suggested collecting General data about the health status of the heart of each one of the subjects, in order to identify some common symptoms which you can then digitize and train with it, artificial intelligence.

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