Apple wants to put an end to leaks

Apple will lay off its employees for the disclosure of any information related to the products of the company. On it informs edition Bloomberg, citing a recently published Memorandum in the internal company blog.

The report said that last year, Apple has convicted 29 people who published classified information in the media. About 17 people were dismissed and another 12 arrested.

The people who were involved in the scandal, not only lost his job but was under investigation. Possible information leaks about new products may adversely affect sales of existing, as well as allow competitors to gain time to prepare an adequate response — observed in the inside the Apple blog.

In the published document, the company cites the example of the Apple Watch and iPhone X. before the official presentation of the devices was known by almost all. In addition, we are talking about a recent meeting Craig Federighi with the staff, where they discussed the possible transfer of the functions of iOS. Details of this meeting and instantly hit the media.

Apple famously keeps all of the products that are in development, in the strictest confidence. In 2012, Tim cook promised to improve privacy new products, but despite this, details about the new devices still enter the Network much earlier than the official presentation. Apparently, then, taken steps to achieve confidence and saglasnosti was not as effective.

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