Apple wants Siri to discuss health problems in 2021

The development of Apple help its voice The Voice of Siri (Siri), so that the forthcoming release system (iOS 13) will contain some interesting updates for the audio tour, according to a report new by the British newspaper The Guardian.

And the list of frequencies listed for release by the fall of 2021 the ability to conduct a conversation repeated about health problems, the upgrade mechanism built-in, and support of new hardware for a new machine.

According to the report, the next version of Siri will be equipped with the capabilities of the more expansive, with the integration of more applications, allowing for Apple’s smartphone access to more powerful to potential applications, such as (Shazam); and find my friends (Find My Friends) and App Store (App Store).

In addition to the feature read text messages automatically through the headphones the wireless company (AirPods), similar to water similar (CarPlay), which appeared within the pilot version of the system (iOS 13).

And revealed the Apple TV at its annual conference for developers (WWDC) to redirect Siri during development will be more natural and meaningful in the (iOS 13), so instead of hearing Siri say: after a thousand feet turn left, it will say: turn left at the next traffic signal.

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Regardless of the (iOS 13), the Apple TV has some of the most ambitious plans to help her personal smartphone, and if everything goes according to plan, would provide Apple with (iOS 14) version of Siri will be able to debate with users on problems and different health.

The report indicates that it will be possible to use Siri along with a system similar to (WebRX) to assemble the symptoms and converted to the recommendations of the healthy.

While the full scope of the plans of Apple TV with Siri in this regard is still not clear, however, it is not surprising at all, given the problems Apple continuing in the health field.

Doubled the Apple TV during the last years of tracking health and fitness on her watch smart, and with the fourth generation of the Coast (Series 4) application (ECG) to produce a layout of the electric force, which so far has proven that it is beneficial, and alerted users to the heart disease that threatens their lives.

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