Apple wants iOS 13 changed our view about the iPad

Apple is increasingly trying to turn the iPad into the “adult” working tool. Starting with the implementation support smart pen, Pencil, the company gradually came to equipment branded tablet with USB type-C with the ability to connect external monitors. A logical continuation of this initiative, according to rumors, should be the mouse support, which will appear in iOS 13. And there to advanced features for managing files close.

According to colleagues from the publication Ai, iOS 13 will offer owners of the iPad advanced capabilities to transfer images from external drives connected to your iPad, directly to applications for processing. This makes the process of importing media files will be faster because it will eliminate the need to first transfer them to the memory of the device to then send them for their intended purpose. In addition, the disappearance of one stage of this chain will solve the problem with lack of memory that occurs when you import large number of images.

The file system on iOS

Despite the fact that the described innovation is not as such opening a file system, its implementation indicates dawned thaw. It is possible that in Cupertino will not restrict users to just directly import photographs from external media in image editors, and will further expand opportunities for interaction with files, which, like it or not, today is not enough to replace the computer even on advanced iPad Pro.

Why Apple decided to turn your iPad into a complete device for work, the highest new functionality only with the release of iOS 13, not done this before, hard to say. It is important to realize that the future innovations are likely to relate to already existing models because, even if Cupertino decides to release another tablet, most likely, it will surpass the iPad Pro 2018, becoming an extension of the classical line.

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