Apple wants all of its employees worked standing

All employees Apple Park have standing jobs regardless of what they do, said Tim cook. It is part of a new Apple policy to combat sedentary lifestyles of their subordinates, which is the company’s CEO calls “modern cancer”.

Employees can choose how they work. “We provide all, without exception, desks for standing work, says Tim cook. — First, you can stand for a while, then sit and so on and so forth. It’s much healthier [than sitting in all day]”.

What a good job standing

The performance of their job duties while standing is not someone’s evil notion, and caring, confident in Cupertino. Apple has long been struggling with a sedentary lifestyle among its employees and among users. That is why the Apple Watch is a special type of reminders urging you to cheer up, if you had stayed.

Definitely switch to work standing, when before the staff just sat there, it was a little unusual, says cook. But despite the mild discomfort that arose at the beginning, soon people obvyk and realize it is healthy and good for their own body.

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