Apple wanted to deprive iPhone X all connectors

In Cupertino is seriously considering the release of iPhone X only with support for wireless charging, found out by Bloomberg columnist mark Gurman. According to him, during the design of the smartphone team at least studied the implications of this decision, but subsequently was forced to abandon it.

What could be the iPhone X

“During work on iPhone X Apple weighed the pros and cons of waiver wired charging, writes Gurman. At that time it was virtually impossible, because the induction was even slower than traditional methods. In addition, bundle iPhone wireless memory would increase its cost”.

Gourmet emphasized that the rejection of the wired charging methods would mean complete removal of the connectors from the body of the smartphone. This scenario, though not implemented in 2017, will be implemented in future generations of the iPhone. This will happen not earlier than Apple will be able to increase the speed of induction, predicts journalist.

What will be the iPhone of the future

Forecast Foodie on the possibility of going completely wireless iPhone a few years ago was indirectly confirmed by Apple representatives. Then it was announced that the main purpose of jony Ive, which he pursues in the position of designer of Apple Inc., is the release of the smartphone, resembling a “solid sheet of glass” and embodies the concept of a future without wires.

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