Apple want to make the talks FaceTime Audio more realistic

Group FaceTime

One of the new features released by Apple with the latest versions of iOS and MacOS are talks FaceTime collective. This feature has long been demanded by millions of Apple devices for years, now available in the end. However, we believe that video chats or voice conversations the collective can determine some mess when talking to several people at the same time.

But in the patent was discovered recently, it appears that Apple is targeting ways to process images in conversations FaceTime Collective which will allow users to highlight who’s talking better, just like how they can come in a range of sounds from a different set of directions based on the place where this person if you are in the same room.

Based on the patent suggests Apple that is broken calls of each connected to separate channels. These are then fed channels in the system is designed to simulate the environment to sound virtual. This will help in the creation of acoustic characteristics appropriate to the local environment for the listener, giving the feeling that the other members of the FaceTime call are in the same room.

It is unclear whether Apple has plans to patent this to the fact or not, although we assume that this will depend largely on how popular FaceTime calls everyone, because that will determine whether Apple will need to devote more resources for her or not, but this idea in general looks good.



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