Apple violates own rules in the App Store?

Not so long ago we talked about how Apple is promoting their smartphones with the help of aggressive marketing. For these purposes, the company did not hesitate to use Intrusive Push notification, thereby violating its own rules. And it looks like Apple took this practice into service – the company was again seen in the “unfair” actions. This time the subject of discussion was the Apple News+.

The fact that Apple offers everyone a trial period of one month. In this lies the whole secret. When making a free subscription, the company actually specifies that after the expiration of the trial period, users will be charged standard rates for use of service.

It is this interface a company uses when subscribing to the service the Apple News+. And so, according to the regulations of the App Store, you need to look apps from third-party developers. The Corporation requires clear and transparent — that’s why publishers are forced to use large buttons with the exact value.

Apple disregards this rule using the button “Try for free” to confirm the payment and the fine print. Only during the payment process there is a line with a start date of a paid subscription, and therefore its value.

In addition, the company provides links to the terms of use, privacy policy and support page, which is also a prerequisite for the App store.

According to experts, this method of subscription can not only confuse users but also to fool them. Some analysts even believe that Apple intentionally hid the fact that automatic subscriptions — because not all are careful in the payment process. Let’s hope it’s just a miscalculation of designers that created the layout of the app.

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