Apple used to pay the TV application Plus for each of the devices Roku وFire among other devices

Confirmed Apple today announced its plans to push the application of TV Plus the new range of smart TVs that include all of the devices of Sony, Samsung, LG along with Roku وFire.

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Announced Apple today announced its new service to broadcast video content that will guide the police to the side of the smart TVs that come back to other companies, among them, come Samsung, Sony, LG to the side of the Roku وFire and also Vizi, as Will the availability of the service also on Mac computers.

And adopt this new service on the monthly contributions, as decided had Apple focus on the dissemination of broadcast service content of the new video as an alternative to focus on devices only, also available Apple the success of this new service proliferation in different regions.

On the other hand, did not occur Apple company versions which will be applied to the new Apple TV Plus, however, Apple confirmed that the app will be available initially on the Samsung devices that is applicable to more devices in the spring of this year.

Apple also confirmed that the new app will come with a distinctive bring content and channels a user’s favorites in the beginning, it will also provide the password of the user to show its own content.


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