Apple used to cloud the Google store files iCloud

Everyone knows that Apple is not in the list when we talk about cloud storage, but have the company’s iCloud service, whether for storing files or backups from the devices of its users, and abrupt – the mission – that the Apple TV actually depend on the Google server its to run the iCloud Service, any of your files in iCloud are stored with Google.

Was Apple previously depended on the services of Amazon AWS and then resorted to Microsoft Azure, but now she has become dependent on Google and S3 from Amazon.

On one hand what it seems choose Apple to buy technology other more specialized ones in the field of work logically, where should the company resort to outsourcing at all, and therefore outsource cloud services to third parties – if appropriate – is out of the question.

And Amazon parking the billions of dollars annually from the sale of cloud services for individuals, companies and websites, according to official data, more than 5 million recording Amazon of the service by AWS, as well as Google more than a billion dollars.

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