Apple used new strategies to promote sales slow for iPhone New

iPhone XS Max

There have been many reports recently which indicate that the phones iPhone new Apple TV is not sold as was the hope of the company. It includes a new report that Apple are now experimenting with strategies for marketing new and was rarely used by by re-momentum for sales of the iPhone. Strategies include new items generous buy and cuts so attractive.

He explained the report issued from the site Bloomberg that executives at Apple have moved some of the marketing staff from other projects to focus on improving sales of the iPhone. This happened just a month after asking the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max for sale. The source described this move as ” training fire “.

Decided to Apple to change their strategies since the launch of its new smart phones. I saved the company offers a strong customers interested in replacing their old phones to the new iPhone by lowering the cost of some of its phones new, and certainly this is something not done by Apple in the past. And apparently, these efforts were intensified now, there’s a new banner ad on top of Apple’s web site which displays iPhone XR vs 449$, this lower price by about 300$ of the price, which was the launch of this phone, but is available to customers who wish to take advantage of this offer the company’s development for the iPhone 7 Plus their own to get the iPhone XR for that price. Of course, fans of Apple didn’t see the police doing something like this before.

It is still not clear whether Apple do so because of slow sales or not. Given that Apple decided not to disclose the amount of sales that you get by its organs in the quarterly financial reports of the company in the future, it would be kind of hard to determine how was the performance of the phones iPhone new in the market. Generally, this may be promotions are just a step from Apple to give a strong impetus for the new iPhone before the holiday season profitable.


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