Apple use about 200 employees of the development department of vehicles driving

آبل تستغني عن 200 موظف من قسم تطوير المركبات ذاتية القيادة

It’s no secret the suffering of the Apple in section of the self-driving vehicles that operate on them since years without any development approval, but has recently appeared to talk about the company’s intention to return to work vigorously on a project known as Project Titan after the return of one of its managers from the former Tesla, however, things do not look promising according to the CNBC.

The report noted that the new Apple TV has in secret exploitation about 200 employees in the department the self-driving vehicles, but the company has confirmed it is committed to work in the section is considered important and this importance is not measured by the number of employees.

And the company network CNBC on the subject by saying that during the past years, the section on the many talented staff members significantly, because of the company’s focus on major projects in 2019, the number of department employees were transferred to other parts of the company such as machine learning.

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