Apple unveils news service, games and credit card and video on demand and more

Set up Apple today a press conference to reveal a range of new services including a news service and magazines that paid, credit card number and true service, on-demand video such as Netflix, the service games driven, etc.

Apple News

Apple announced its service news new that you know not only the news but also galaxies where the Allow browse more than 300 different magazine, from a wide spectrum of classifications, will display the magazines via Apple News+ through a new tab appears in the application of the test supports News+

Available Apple News+ subscription monthly fee of $ 9.99 to allow the user to browse the whole content from magazines, news sites. The service is available for subscription from today with the submission of the month free demo.

Apple Card

Later challenge Tim Cook about the payment service Apple Pay where it held until today more than 10 million process paid through them.

Here Apple announced a service credit card Apple Card where is the subscription through the iPhone to get a digital copy of the card in minutes and start using it where you have to remove the usage fee reduce interest rates and enhance protection.

And the Apple Card is available in every state support the service, Apple Pay – which will be the end of the year to 40 countries – and are accessed from the wallet application provides the advantages of tracking spending.

Will also be available credit card metal concrete but it will not include the traditional information that we see in cards similar like the expiry date and the CVV number or signature.

And you’re encourage to use the service, Apple announced a Daily Cash is simply cash set to you with no spending a new day. And select Apple TV 2% of the total spend to be approved to you if the payment was made digitally, and you can use this amount to buy back the product or send it to your friends. If I bought something from Apple they will give you 3% of the amount. But if you use the card a real tangible they will give you 1% only.

Featuring a credit card Apple TV that you don’t have a fee for international or late fees or subscription fees.

The establishment of a special number of the card for each device and store the number and PIN numbers, the other to the protection of fingerprint and face.

Will be available to the card concrete in the summer is currently the United States only.


And new stats about the App Store it is increased by more than 500 million people every week, there are more than a million people carried the game, at least from the App Store. Is available on the app store more than 300 a game.

Apple announced a service Arcade a game service driven requirements and available on smart phones, computers and even living rooms.

The service provides access play more than a hundred exclusive game once launched will not see in any other place. Will play this games on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV will be all to play without the need to connect to the internet, as it does not support multiple players, and you’ll never know which ads or purchases paid.

The service will be available in more than 150 countries around the World Without to reveal the price of the subscription.

Application Apple TV

Received application to Apple TV on the big updates added support services, Hulu, PlayStation and a special section for content oriented for kids where is the test of its programmes and filmography manually.

Will the new update starting from next May where they will be on smart TVs like LG and Sony and Roku and Amazon Fire.

Apple TV+

After years of rumors and negotiations, it announced Apple officially announced its service of video on demand Apple TV Plus will be the exclusive content private police cooperated in the Apple TV with the big names in Hollywood, from professional actors and directors like Steve Spielberg, celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey to produce the work of special services.

Will be available service officially to participate in the fall without to reveal the price it is currently.

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