Apple unveils new version of headphones AirPods wireless

Revealed Apple about the second generation of wireless headsets AirPods, which feature longer battery life with a portfolio of wireless charging, as well as includes the phone assistant Siri virtual.

AirPods 2

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After the detection of the versions of the Apple new iPad, which launched on the Apple Store, also revealed the company released the new product of the AirPods 2, which will be available in two choices with a conventional portfolio, or the portfolio that support wireless charging, where the progress of each portfolio two age charge up to 24 hours of listening.

Also expect the portfolio to the wireless with any Charger Qi your phones iPhone New, also includes a headset AirPods 2 bar H1 which is designed from Apple, which was developed particularly for the Apple wireless, it supports the performance of more speed in the conjugations, as well as supporting the phone longer battery life.

Headset AirPods 2 also features Assistant Apple default built-in Siri, which calls take voice commands continuously to the wireless speaker, as confirmed by Apple on that slice of the processor used to pay a quick switch between paired devices from your phones iPhone or Apple Watch smart.

It is planned that you’d expect to hear AirPods 2 with a portfolio of wireless at a price of $ 199, which is available to order now via the Apple Store, the official on the internet, or the application of the Apple Store, while premium model portfolio traditional at a price of $ 159, also can choose upgrade to keep hearing the old portfolio to the new wireless at a price of $ 79.


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