Apple unveils iPad Air and iPad mini the new shop its official

The company paid Apple two iPad, new Today shop by the official, where the company unveiled both the iPad Air and iPad mini, which features with stylus pen support Apple, as it comes doing the best by 70%.

iPad Air 2019

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After the blackout the Apple Store for a second, returned store to go with a new update for the iPad, where the company revealed Apple announced the iPad Air, which features a size 10.5 in screen, with performance better by 70% with the support of chip Apple possible A12 Bionic, along with engine technology Neural from Apple, also this version supports the larger display in the screen by 20% with the first generation of Pen Apple.

Also comes iPad Mini a new size 7.9 inch screen, which features screen is brighter by 25% than the previous version, and also supports pen Apple, it also comes both devices improvements in the design of an arbitrator named a better view for the user.

It is estimated that the iPad Air and iPad mini in silver, gold, along with gray, with storage capacity starting from 64 GB in the first model to 256 GB in the Top Model iPads.

The starting price of iPad mini new $ 399 version which supports WiFi only, while comes a model that supports mobile networks is also at a starting price of $ 529.

On the other hand, applies your iPad Air in a model that supports the WiFi-only starting price of $ 499, while a model is possible with the support of mobile networks capacity starts at 629 dollars.


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