Apple unveils a new iPad with Retina display size of 10.2 inches, with system iPad OS


Within the activities of the conference of the Apple TV currently held in the United States of America, the company Apple detects the previous generation of the iPad, a tablet that comes with brilliant Retina display size of 10.2 inches, and with the technical specifications chosen carefully to achieve the maximum benefit from the system iPadOS new which will become available later this month. Confirmed the Apple that your new iPad is now available for purchase for $ 329 USD and will start shipping in late September.

Apple designed the iPad New be strong enough for any task. This makes sense given that it allows you to use it as a ordinary tablet with a screen sensitive to touch, cheap small laptop thanks to the keyboard with the knowledge that you can use this tablet device also with a digital pen Apple Pencil. In other words, this is not a tablet, but a laptop also.

Device new iPad features processor Apple A10 Fusion, and allows you multitasking easily take advantage of augmented reality apps available in the App Store. As has been already mentioned, the new iPad also supports digital pen Apple Pencil, as it is equipped with camera lets you shoot photos and videos a cinematic survey of the documents and talks FaceTime.

Generally, this device is the new tablet will be available in two versions, one that supports WiFi networks only, and another version supports LTE networks also. According to Apple, you will have this tablet available in more than 180 countries around the world.

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