Apple TV you want to make sure you’re wearing the headphones properly

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Think put the poison in the ear is very simple. Either you put the headphones inside your ear, or you place over the ear or on your ears. But according to the patent invention have been discovered recently, it appears that Apple has developed a system that helps to ensure wear the headphones correctly.

According to the patent, they describe the headphones come with microphones placed around the Ring Of Heaven. Will use these microphones to try and determine whether you are wearing the headphones correctly, this is done by measuring the size of the user’s voice. After the discovery of patent this, it has been speculate that this may be a sign that Apple is working on a headset of its reversible.

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Basically, instead of having users to download any two speakers must be in the right or the left, this system will allow the user to clearly hear their in any direction they want these headphones to adjust itself accordingly. We’ve heard rumors that Apple is working maybe on headphones fine head.

Has not been officially launched yet, but rumor has it they include noise cancellation technology and radio link similar to that used in headphones AirPods current. However, this is just a patent, which means that there is no guarantee that it will get to the fact.


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