Apple TV working probably on the renewal of the iBooks app to bring it in line with the requirements of lovers of e-books


Remained Apple quiet when it comes to market digital books since exposure to fine of $ 450 million in 2016. The sale of e-books was no longer a major part of business for Apple on the internet, but this changed after a lawsuit has been filed against the company and several publishers by the U.S. Justice Department in 2012 on the grounds that it devised a scheme to raise e-book prices, to end up with Apple pay the fine mentioned above. However, it seems that Apple want to come back strongly to the e-book market to compete with Amazon.

In order to achieve that, it seems that Apple is working on making significant changes to the design of the iBooks app, at least according to a new report released recently from the website of Bloomberg, which explained that the company hired an executive earlier in the Amazon to work on the project. It is estimated that the iBooks app New will be released in the coming months.

It is estimated that the iBooks app to the new design it will get a simple interface to highlight more on the best e-books that are currently traded, compiled especially for audio books. Given that Apple has redesigned the App Store in the past year, we will not use in the case if the Apple has the same thing with the iBooks app.

The discovery of evidence suggesting that Apple is working on re-designing the iBooks app in the beta version of the update iOS 11.3 that the Apple issued a few days ago to developers. The app is called ” Books ” and not ” iBooks ” in iOS 11.3, this is in line with other services such as iTunes and iTunes Podcasts that have been re-designed and launched under the names Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.

Of course, Apple didn’t say anything until now about its plans to re-design The iBooks app, the police have yet to comment on this report.



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