Apple TV will allow users to gift a subscription in the Apple Music service to their friends

apple music

While the subscription in the Apple Music service is not expensive, we understand that there may be some hesitation when it comes to sign up for a subscription to the service. For this reason offer the Apple Music users the option to try the service for three months before the subscription, but in case of insufficient it, so don’t worry.

For the lovers of the Apple Music service who are trying to convince their friends and family members to register for the service, it seems that Apple now allows users to provide their estate per month in the service. However, it should be noted that this applies only to persons who are not participants in the service already.

This means that if your friend is already engaged in the service and you’re trying to give him an extra month free, you will not be able to. Also if the person that you are trying to make a gift does not exist in the pilot phase of the service, amounting to three months, you won’t be subscription only after the expiry of the trial period granted by the company, which means that this person gets effectively a free subscription for four months in the service.

However, it seems that the advantage of gifting this is not available to all users yet, but there are multiple reports of users saying they have already received on this feature.


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