Apple TV WCCO – judicial settlement after years of conflict!

Held all of my company’s Apple TV WCCO courts judicial settlement seal of the conflict between them years ago in the more yards the courts because of the patent.آبل وكوالكم - تسوية قضائية بعد سنوات من الصراع!

آبل وكوالكم - تسوية قضائية بعد سنوات من الصراع!

This judicial settlement used to drop all lawsuits between the two companies with the obligation of Apple to pay some dues to the financial pile you add to the purchase contract between both companies six years subject to increase is entitled to the Apple TV using the techniques of Qualcomm.

Background of the judicial dispute between Apple and Ko you

Judicial dispute between Apple and Qualcomm started Apple first where they have filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm in several countries demanding compensation worth a million dollars and that, due to Apple’s terms are unfair and exorbitant fees. imposed by the Qualcomm it for the use of own patents.

خلفية النزاع القضائي بين آبل وكوالكم

Background of the judicial dispute between Apple and Ko you

The patents involved are those related to the corporate cellular communications with Qualcomm to provide Apple with the world communication in its portable, but Apple saw that Qualcomm says the practice of monopoly when granting licenses for the use of its products and patent their invention.

Qualcomm didn’t spread much and had filed a lawsuit on Apple was accused by the breach of the agreements concluded with them, and inciting them by providing false statements to the judicial authorities in more than countries around the world to settle down after a judicial dispute, Taro breeding Apple and at other times raising Qualcomm in the meantime the timing of recent supply Apple with the trend of the “season” in the iPhone to freeze Apple completely on Intel at that.

How to reconciliation on the future of the iPhone?

It is worth mentioning that the two companies also held a convention under which you will Qualcomm to provide Apple with Contact, what means that the Apple TV may come back to rely on Qualcomm and thereby solve the problem of the Apple TV in the find resource no God with the connection supporting the network of the fifth generation this year after the failure of Intel in the development for technical reasons.

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