Apple TV to send data to my browser Safari company Tencent Chinese

Added Apple company Tencent and Chinese to the list of sites that send your browsing history to see if there was any fraudulent websites.

This action comes within the “warn of fraudulent sites” which works within the Safari browser. You water on to turn Apple TV from websites that you visit if there was any fraudulent websites to achieve entry to it.

But how do you know the Apple site Doe scam me? Simply send them to my company, Google and Tencent to verify from the Register of the black list of these sites, here lies the new problem.

Previously Apple only deals with Google, but with the iOS update 13 the last change was the addition of the company Tencent China, which means that it has become you know all the sites you navigate to.

Wasn’t there a problem with sharing browsing data with Google, but the company Tencent is known for its relationship with the Chinese government which is what users see the source of the risk.

By default this feature is activated in the Safari browser means that all users of this browser likely could be exposed on Tencent with the numbers of their IP.

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